Why Chose LARMOR Screen Protector?

  • Protection – It is build from hardened glass with 8H surface hardness that surpasses steel, offering excelent scratch and impact protection
  • Clarity – Crystal clear optical glass with clarity that exceeds that of ordinary plastic protectors or films
  • Appearance – Frame design makes a perfect fit for any camera
  • Functionality – A very thin 0.5mm protector allows for greater touch screen sensitivity and works well with swivel screens
  • Easy to care –  A smudge-resistant coating prevents fingerprints and facilitates cleaning
  • Ease of Use – A special silicon adhesive makes for easy application and removal
  • Safety – Anti-shatter glass minimizes risk of injury if the glass is broken

What Makes LARMOR different?

Since the introduction of the first GGS optical screen protectors many other companies tried to compete with us, but none of them can surpass our new LARMOR protectors. Just see for yourself.

Comparison LARMOR to other glass screen protectors